Publications of interest to SCA participants.

Quantity Description Price
Arts & Sciences Bibliographies $4.50
Constructing Medieval Furniture $20.00
Eyewitness Books - Castle $12.00
  Discover the mysteries of the medieval castle and what life was like for those living within.

Eyewitness Books - Da Vinci & His Times $12.00
  Discover the world of the renaissance - and the genius of its most famous citizen.

Eyewitness Books - Knights $12.00
  Discover the world of the medieval knight - from battles to banquets, sieges to chivalry.

Eyewitness Books - Renaissance $12.00
  Discover the art of the Northern and Italian Renaissance, from the 14th to the 16th centuries.

Medieval Furniture $20.00
Medieval Celebrations $15.00
  How to plan holidays, weddings, and feasts with recipes, customs, costumes, decorations, songs, dances, and games

A New Members' Guide $5.00
Site Owners Manual $5.00
  A guide to introduce our organization to Site Owners and Managers for potential use of facilities by the SCA

Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England $9.00
  Forty-six easy to follow recipes

This Sovereign Stage $7.00
  The Coronation performances of Guillaume and Felinah

We Are Not Amused, Sir Guillaume! $14.00
  An irreverant look at chivalry, the Middle Ages, and historical re-enactment

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