Here you will find the rules of the SCA and the handbooks of the Society officers, which are useful both to officers and participants in the various activities.

Quantity Description Price
Chirurgeon's Handbook $8.00
Equestrian Handbook $8.00
The Chancellor of the Exchequer's Officers' Handbook (October 2007 Edition) $19.00
The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory: $5.00
  The Rules for Submission April, 2012

Glossary of Heraldic Terms $3.00
Known World Handbook $25.00
  2010 edition – 222 pages and over 80 articles on subjects including: SCA History, Customs, Persona, Heraldry, Awards, Costuming, Events, Courts, Feasts, Camping, Arts & Sciences, Armouring, Chivalry, Rapier Arts, Tournaments, & Service.

Buy 10 or more, and only pay $23.00 each!
Buy 20 or more, and only pay $22.00 each!
Local Officer's Handbook $5.00
Marshal's Handbook $7.00
Siege Engines Handbook $5.00
Fighter's Handbook (Includes the Marshal's Handbook & Siege Engines Handbook) $21.00
Organizational Handbook $8.00
Rapier Combat Handbook $8.00
A Handbook for Kingdom Seneschals OUT OF PRINT $0.00

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